Meet The Team

Kat Milner

The Tech Ninja

Kat has been a coach since 1999.

Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Results Coaching, she knows what it means to start and run a Coaching Business.

Kat has always been that person that finds herself the one who figures out how to use programs on the computer and shows others how to do things more easily.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she discovered a passion for helping other Coaches and Course Creators make their business technology easier, more integrated, and streamlined.

Since then, he has focused on helping others be able to focus on what they love and do best.

Paul Milner

The Podcast Ninja

Paul never saw himself as a "tech guy".

Then he discovered podcasts, and couldn't get enough of listening to them.

One day, he and his wife were discussing a movie they just watched, and she joked, "We should start a podcast where we just talk about movies" - and the Home Class Movie Chat podcast was born!

With the production of the Home Class Movie Chat, Paul discovered a true passion for podcasting - and started the (now very successful) The Horror Crypt podcast, where he talks all about horror movies.

He and his wife, Kat, also host "P.M.S - The Perpetual Motion Squad" podcast, a Big Bang Theory fan podcast.

Now Paul brings his passion and expertise to Coaches who want to have a podcast, but don't want to have to focus on the tech.


Munno Para, South Australia


+61 482 074 8068



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