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Zoom Presenting Tips

September 03, 20233 min read

“Knowing how to present yourself on Zoom can make or break your credibility with your audience.” - Kat Milner, Chief Tech Ninja, Simplify Your Tech


If you run a business, chances are you have been on at least one Zoom meeting and/or webinar in the past 3 years.

Zoom has become an integral platform for virtual meetings, presentations, and webinars. Effective communication on Zoom requires more than just spoken words. It involves creating a visual and interactive experience that engages your audience.

8 Reasons

Here are 7 key points to keep in mind when presenting on Zoom:

1. Be visible

Lighting plays a crucial role in how you appear on camera. Ensure you have ample, soft, and well-distributed lighting in front of you. Avoid harsh overhead lights or bright windows behind you. A ring light or adjustable desk lamp can help you achieve flattering, even lighting..

2. Be Mindful of Your Background

Your background sets the stage for your presentation. Choose a clean and clutter-free backdrop that is relevant to your topic or professional in appearance. Virtual backgrounds can be a fun option, but make sure they are not distracting or pixelated.

Keep distractions to a minimum. Be aware of not having motion in your background, including ceiling fans.

3. Master Your Hand Gestures

Hand gestures can enhance your message and make you more relatable. Use them purposefully to emphasize key points or concepts. However, be mindful of going overboard, as excessive gestures can become distracting.

4. Gesture From Right to Left

Studies have shown that audiences tend to process information more effectively when presenters gesture from their right (the audience's left) to their left (the audience's right). This is known as the "good side" effect. Utilize this technique to help convey your points more clearly.

5. Make Eye Contact with the Camera

Maintaining eye contact is critical for building a connection with your audience. When speaking, look directly into the camera, not at your screen or yourself on the monitor. This creates the illusion of eye contact and makes you appear engaged and trustworthy.

6. Dress Professionally and Mindfully

Your attire should align with your topic and the impression you want to convey. Avoid distracting patterns or overly casual clothing unless it's contextually appropriate. Dressing professionally can boost your confidence and credibility.

7. Practice, Practice, Practice

They say that amateurs practice until they get it right, professionals practice until they can't get it wrong.

Rehearse until you are:

  • Comfortable speaking to the camera

  • Your gestures are natural

  • You can get through the majority of your presentation without reading your notes

  • Develop your peripheral vision so that you can see the participants in your Zoom, without having to look down at them (you want to keep your eye contact with the camera, not the screen)

Presenting effectively on Zoom requires attention to detail and practice.

By optimizing your lighting, curating your background, using purposeful hand gestures, maintaining eye contact with the camera, gesturing from right to left, dressing thoughtfully, and seeking feedback, you can master the art of virtual presentations.

These techniques will not only make your content more engaging but also establish your presence as a confident and compelling virtual presenter.

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Kat Milner

Kat Milner, Chief Tech Ninja for Simplify Your Tech

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